There is so much buzz around artificial intelligence (AI), so many AI solutions being introduced to the global market. AI has transformative potential: it will transform industries and many aspects of our private lives. There is no opt-out option: AI will reshuffle cards in the market control game by streamlining and enhancing business-as-usual practices and user experience (UX). To succeed, individual professionals and businesses will need to integrate AI solutions into their products and services and find competitive brand positioning. This task, however, is getting more challenging as there are more and more AI-based brands. The intensity of competition will continue to grow as AI transformation accelerates. Only the most resilient brands will secure their market position.

I help successfully manage both personal and business brands, regardless of how much they have been affected by AI so far. The impact of AI on brands will continue to grow as AI transformation progresses. It is time to think of how to position one’s brand in the AI-powered global economy of the future. To address these issues, I have launched Me as a Solution (Me-aaS) to brand communications (brandcomms) challenges. Me-aaS is powered by Northern lean, which is evident by the fact that I have a solid Northern academic background in international communications. I have 2 Master’s degrees: one in Media Management and the other in Journalism and Media Analysis. I received awards for outstanding achievements during my Master’s studies. My education gave the foundation for developing the concept of Northern lean in the context of brandcomms.  

Having realized that 2 Master’s degrees with top results are not enough to remain competitive in the knowledge economy we live in, I launched my personal website Its concept is simple: Wikipedia for professionals. I share there information that could be useful to people from different professional backgrounds. This project is also self-study: it ensures that Me-aaS is up-to-date information-wise. While researching topics and writing texts about them, I apply the Northern lean approach: I utilize my Northern education to process information chaos widespread online into informative and actionable texts. I prioritize high quality of my work, but try to streamline the research and writing process as much as possible. 

During the lean development process, products are built in short, repetitive cycles. I apply this approach to my work as well. I have recently launched NDX Ventures, a Northern innovation info-boutique, which has taken the challenge of covering innovations developed in the Nordics and Baltics behind the scenes. This is the second version of the info-boutique. Even at this stage, NDX Ventures 2.0 implements the content strategy in short, repetitive cycles, just like lean manufactures do. This approach helps streamline the process of content creation and ensure its high quality. In this context, lean is also about content efficiency: any unnecessary information is removed to ensure content cohesiveness and value to end users. 

Me-aaS utilizes this work experience to provide brand communications (brandcomms) consulting services based on the principles of Northern lean. Non-conventional times we live in require non-conventional solutions. You cannot brand successfully using the methods of yesterday. The transformative potential of AI will sooner or later affect brands that want to position themselves competitively in the global market. I can help you prepare your brands face brandcomms challenges successfully. Brandcomms challenges don’t need to be overwhelming with the right strategy in place. They are in fact an opportunity to assess what has worked well, and what needs to be changed. An effective brandcomms strategy should be constantly upgraded to withstand shifting market dynamics. 

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Birute Birgelyte | #BRG

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