Fact 1: 80% of electronically stored information is in English. The dominance of English in the digital realm is shaping the global information landscape. Without having a solid knowledge of English, navigating the vast amount of digital information becomes challenging. Fact 2: English is the lingua franca of the business community: it unlocks vast professional opportunities, and helps stay at the forefront of technological progress. It also provides access to an immense amount of knowledge, helps stay up-to-date information-wise, and facilitates the exchange of professional ideas. Fact 3: About one-third of the world’s population can communicate in English. No need to explain much: English opens up many opportunities, both personal and professional ones. The better you communicate in English, the more opportunities you have.

Convinced? English is a must-have in an increasingly interconnected world. Self-explanatory, implementable yet not so easily achievable. Mastering the international standard of English takes time and perseverance. While most digital information is encoded in English, hacking into it requires a smart strategy. Having this in mind, I have decided to launch Lean English Lab, where I am exploring the potential of lean manufacturing in the context of English communications. Using the principles of lean manufacturing, I am developing the concept of Lean English. The leanification of English communications offers a lot of room for manoeuvre: I aim to expand the scope of a conventional understanding of English communications and increase its communicative value through leanification.

I am developing the concept of Lean English by utilizing my Northern education. I have a Bachelor’s degree in English Philology with distinction (Cum Laude diploma) and 2 Master’s degrees: one in Journalism and Media Analysis (recognized for the best performance) and the other in Media Management (award for an outstanding achievement). My Northern education has given me the foundation for developing the concept of lean English communications. I believe that the efficiency of communication in English could be further strengthened. The lean principle of continuous improvement suggests that there is always room for improvement. The leanification of English offers a lot of flexibility, which can help further increase its communicative efficiency.  

I use Lean English Lab as a platform for 3 fail-fast e-services: (1) communications consultations, (2) English classes and (3) proofreading services. I prioritize the lean efficiency of the e-services in a personalized format. My aim is to help navigate successfully in an increasingly interconnected world, both for personal and professional reasons. I believe that the fail-fast concept can ensure the effectiveness and high information value of English communications. The fail-fast concept also underlies Lean English Lab: it is a platform which is and will always be in testing mode as it focuses on continuous self-improvement in pursuit of lean perfection. The Lab will also operate as a pop-up English studio in live mode.

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Birute Birgelyte | #BRG

Infopreneur, BrandComms Consultant and BX Creative

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