Nike: Behind JDI


Gen Z consumers in North America and Western Europe consider Nike as the most authentic brand in the active lifestyle and fashion category in a recent ranking by research firm YPulse. In North America, Nike is the leader in the top 10 ranking with an authenticity score of 59%, followed by Coca-Cola (56%), YouTube (55%), Oreo (55%), Square’s Cash App (55%), Dove (54%), Jordan (53%), Tide (53%), Yitty (52%) and PayPal (52%). In Western Europe, Nike tops the top 10 ranking with a score of 68%, followed by Apple (59%), PayPal (58%), Lacoste (57%), Coca-Cola (55%), Fédération Française de Football (55%), dm-drogerie markt (53%), Mulino Bianco (52%), Adidas (52%) and YouTube (51%). Nike’s resilience to fierce competition boils down to its brand communications (brandcomms) strategy.